Gear : The Infinite Road

Dick Cepek fc ll tires
Dick Cepek fc ll tires.
A good friend of ours Ted from Adams imports sponsored the tires. We were able to do some testing as the sweep truck for Colorado Cog Rally. It was some of worse mud conditions I have ever seen. On roads that if not for the rally I would not even try to pass. But the tires did great and very little road noise. I had bought two more for spares and plan rotating them along the way around the world. Thanks again Ted

Wedco Fuel Cans
Every true off-roader knows about Wedco cans. You can mount them upside down and they don't leak. The problem is that no one can get them. All of the off-road shops list them for sale but they do not have any in stock and don't know when they mite be able to git more in. They are known as south African army cans, eastern block army cans, and so on. I have found that they are made in the US by Wedco and that Wedco is owned by Briggs and Stratton. Funny that most of the off-road shops said that they ordered them from over seas. We ordered ours online from expedition imports, a very professional company with a cool order tracking system.

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