The Route : The Infinite Road

someone once said that if you want to make god laugh,  just tell someone your plans...
the route has changed a couple of times, as have the dates, it's all very tentative, and very by the seat of our pants.
here's what we have for now-
we'll begin our journey in denver, colorado and head south as fast as we can to houston.  we figure the quicker we get out of the states, the easier it will be on our budget.
brian's dad & step-mom live in houston, so we'll have some time to visit and recuperate down there.
from there, we'll head into mexico...  there's a pretty interesting looking crater that we saw from an airplane while flying over monterrey, so maybe we can check it out.  brian and i are pretty excited about hitting the beach, so imagine we'll do some driving down the gulf of mexico.
we have some friends in guanajuato, which is inland, and i'd like to stop there.
we also have a friend in sayulita who will be sorry he ever invited us to stay with him, he might have a hard time getting rid of us.
from there, we'll head to the yucatan,
costa rica,
and since the darien gap is impassible by cars, we will have to ship around to ecuador,
then on to peru,
and if funds permit, or we can somehow talk someone into letting us on an ice-breaker, we will go to antarctica,
back to argentina,
then to uruguay, we'll ship the car from buenos aires to south africa?  west africa?  (there's a couple of options for us, still researching),
then up the west coast of africa, probably some parts via train,
to morocco,
across the strait of gibraltar to spain,
i think we're going to squiggle all over the eastern block,
not sure if we'll make it to turkey, but i'd like to,
china, if they'll let us,
back to russia to cross the road of bones,
ship across the bering strait to alaska,
down to canada,
and back to the states.

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